Monday, 14 June 2010

Ten reasons to get up in the morning

Sometimes life can be malicious; constantly throwing obstacles and demons into our pathway. The road we follow on our journey through life will be complex and windy, but the destination is something that only you can choose.

It can often feel like there is no reason to get up in the morning, no reason to leave your home, perhaps no reason to even wake up. Bad things will come to an end... you may have to suffer the pain to live through it, but you will come through stronger. I know how hard it can be to get out of bed when you feel like there is nothing to live for anymore, so I've compiled a list of some of my reasons.

I would like everybody reading this to think of ten reasons why they, or other people should get up in the mornings. You can just think about it, write it in your journal or post it as a blog, it's up to you.

Here are mine for today:

1. To go out in the sunshine
2. To eat
3. To feed my cats
4. To talk to some amazing people both IRL and online
5. To gain experiences that I will remember in the future
6. To help others that may be in need of support
7. To be sure that I don’t miss any opportunities
8. To learn
9. To earn a living
10. To let myself dream about things that are perhaps out of reach

A new day is awaiting you each time you wake up in the morning. It is a fresh start, a brand new leaf. Grasp this new start with both hands, fight for it, and never let it go.

Nobody can change the past, but you can choose your future.

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